About Protea Cafe

Protea Cafe is owned and run by the Cossavella Family in Castleconnell, Limerick which is in the Republic of Ireland, since August 2020.

We are South African, Italians living our best life in an incredible village in Ireland. For nearly 20 years, Ireland has been our home and we thought it would be wonderful to share our home-away-from-home traditions.

Every Saturday at around 11:00-13:00, we will be cooking traditional Boerewors on a Braai (BBQ). It will be a take-away style as to get the real feel. Top it off with a South African treat and you’ll feel like you’re in South Africa (with a bit of imagination).

Of course our Italian heritage wouldn’t be complete without a good bean. Our Italian coffee blend is 100% Arabica, comprising of syrupy, buttery, vanilla and milk chocolate tones all culminating in a delightfully sweet after taste. But if you don’t want coffee, we have you covered!

We will try keep our menu up-to-date but it will be light and tasty and of course have your Irish favourites. Protea Cafe are trying to make as many options available and varying prices to suit everyone. Please take care of the Allergens and feel free to let us know how your experience was.

Wondering what “Protea” is or think you’re pronouncing it right? Come in and ask us!

Now you know a bit about us and the Protea Cafe, why not come down and introduce yourself. We look forward to meeting you or seeing you again!

-The Protea Cafe Team