Majority rules and regulations are still in place until possibly February 2022.
Please be aware of updated fines and detentions for going against these. And please help us not be liable to them either.

We will refuse in-door seating without a vaccination record but there is outside seating and take away possible, as fines for businesses not abiding by these rules can be fined quite handsomely.

Thank you once again, for being patient and supportive through this.


We have started practicing safe dining inside, where each member over 13 years of age must be fully vaccinated and we are taking contact tracing information from one person in the party, all GDPR taken seriously. There is a maximum number of 6 people allowed at one table. Here is the official outline and what to expect:

Please wear a face covering, social distance, follow our floor signs and hand sanitise/wash hands where possible. These are all guidelines to help each other out.

During this time in our lives we can only try make your experience at Protea Cafe as comfortable as we all can make it. We have supplied you with hand sanitising gels at the entrance and throughout the cafe and have taken certain precautions to limit contact.


Please TEXT/WhatsApp your name to 0851195014


Fill in the form provided

Protea Cafe comply with the GDPR.

Please take one of our yellow Covid-books at the entrance home with you (free) and why not download the contact tracing app (also Free!):

Please try to understand that we would love to be serving you as we would have in normal circumstances (as everywhere else) but until that day comes around again, let’s help each other through this.


Please click here for more updated information on the cafes.

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We’re in this together.

Click here for support from Mental Health Ireland.