News – December


This year we’re lucky to have the genius behind this Giant Gingerbread man on our team.

Pre-Order & Pre-Pay to guarantee a chance to have this “little” guy at your table for Christmas.
That’s 250g of delicious gingerbread at €12.50 to share with friends and family.

Giant Gingerbread Man : @ildoceforno

Coconut – Welcome to the plant-based family

Autumn has arrived and the nights are getting darker, quicker. But also, autumn flavours are about to hit Protea Cafe! Keep an eye open for new baked goods and additional menu items as we begin to prepare for indoor dining.


We are hoping my the end of the month we will be fully indoors and will be able to cater to your needs as before. However, we are still waiting for better guidelines. Until we can be fully back indoors, here is what to expect:


Click the Image for Update

While we wait for the shade of indoor dining, continue to enjoy your Iced-coffees and Smoothies this month and don’t forget your sunscreen!



If you’ve missed out because of the restrictions, here’s your chance to try all our new cold drinks. Summer is here!


Starting the May Bank Holiday off with a thirst-quencher: ICED-COFFEE!

Classic Iced-Coffee


We’ve added a change to our Soups this month. Sourdough Bread from Crafted Crust is a new addition and with this, let us know what you think. Different flavours over the month such as White, Kylmore cheese with black pepper and olives, rye and others to come.

We hope everyone enjoyed their chocolate-filled coffees as much as we did! Happy Easter!

MARCH 2021

We are very happy to be serving Rooibos Espresso, also known as Red Espresso

Joining us this March is a local Limerick company, SOScookies, that was set up around December 2020 by a cookie-lover who quickly (not without all the hard work), turned into a cookie sensation. We’re very lucky to be stockists for her and her team.

They have just launched their new website. Learn more about them here.


We are very happy to introduce something new this month to Protea Cafe and Castleconnell:

Be Better CHAKRA

“Brought to life by a fusion of passions: Yoga and Herbal Medicine. A joint venture of Kerstin Linnartz, Yoga teacher and TV presenter, and Joerg Mueller, Master Teablender & Medical Herbalist (BScHons).
Be better Chakra is a carefully crafted range of teas supporting the different Body Chakras.

Do something different this Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to some soothing herbal teas that are made specially for those parts of you that need it most. We’re starting with the heart.

We are in February already! As the month starts we have begun to feel the ever approaching Valentine’s Day in the air already. Keep an eye open on our social media for updates on specials and possibly new surprises for the week.

Click HERE to find out more about the history of Valentine’s Day.


Castleconnell Infopedia; The Living Encyclopedia

Protea Cafe is situated in a beautiful village called Castleconnell in County Limerick, Ireland. It is surrounded by beautiful walks and quite a rich history to follow. The village has a website to share these incredible stories. Why not pop into Protea Cafe to warm your hands and read the wonderful stories to warm your hearts on your walk. INFOPEDIA LINK



We want to take this chance to thank absolutely everyone that has made our coffee shop dream start to feel like it is! We are so happy to bring something to the community and are extremely grateful to the incredible people we have met along the way. Bringing people together and also, for us, reuniting old friends.

It has not gone unnoticed what is happening in the world around us, and to still be able to be going on, is a blessing. We have not forgotten other business owners, especially local, who have really been hurt by the Coronavirus, and can only keep working even harder to help keep our community alive.

Please let us extend our deepest and heartfelt wishes to each and everyone of you, that 2021 will be your year!
Let us at least warm your hands and hopefully that will help you with a warmer day. 😉

From Protea Cafe